Scratch is a free program that can be used to create flash games. Once completed you can even upload them to the scratch website for others to play. Below are a range of games that you should try to re-create. By doing this you should pick up the basics of the program so that you can make your own game. You can download the graphics for each individual video as you work through them or alternatively download them all in one go [here].

Download a copy of scratch [
here] and continue at home.

Sorry, ipage (my host) disabled my site without warning as too many people were accessing my videos.

They have enabled my site now but I will have to host the videos on my schools server and will do this over the Easter break. Sorry on behalf of ipage.....Not the best web hosting after all.....


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Activity 1:
In this activity you will be introduced to scratch. Can the dog catch the cat?
  Activity 2:
Do you sometimes feel that eyes are watching you. Totally silly and pointless but effective.
The basics
Activity 3:
A fun car racer for two players
  Activity 4:
Pilot the helicopter through the caves.
Car Racing
Activity 5:
In this activity you will create a tank which could lead to your own game.
  Activity 6:
A classic space invaders game.
Activity 7:
Another classic game.