Scratch is a free program that can be used to create games. Once completed you can even upload them to the scratch website for others to play. Below are a range of games that you should try to re-create. By doing this you should pick up the basics of the program so that you can make your own game.

All the images used in the tutorials can be downloaded in one zip file using the link at the bottom of this page.

Not wanting to stream the videos online? You can download the tutorials. Click image above.

Activity1: The Basics
In this activity you will be introduced to Scratch 1.4. You will control a cat while the computer (a dog) will chase you. What will happen when the dog catches you? You can program it to meow or even scream.

1. The Basics: Movement, key controls, animation and sound.

Activity2: Eyes
Do you sometimes feel that eyes are watching you. Totally silly and pointless but effective.

1. Mouse control: Have the eyes point at your mouse pointer.
2. Adding backgrounds plus addition eye motion.

Activity3: Car Racer
A traditional driving game for one or two players.

1. Create a track, a car and build controls for your car.
2. Adding graphics: Replace your car and track with some ready made graphics.

Activity4: Helicopter
Pilot the helicopter through the caves. Here is a scratch file with some extra code to make the background move as an extension:

1. Build a cave, control the up of the helicopter and simulate gravity.

Activity5: Tanks
In this activity you will create a tank which could lead to your own game.

1. Control the base of the tank, add a turret and learn how to fire a missile.

Activity6: Space Invaders
A classic space invaders game. Based on the 1978 classic made by Taito.

1. Control and fire at the aliens.
2. Moving the aliens so that they also drop down after each row.

Activity7: Asteroids
Based on the 1979 arcade classic made by Atari.

1. Controling your spaceship including blowing up.
2. Firing at the asteroids.

You can download all the graphics that I use in my tutorials here: